Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Theophilus London = fuego

Life Of a Lover from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

So Theo just keeps droppin' tracks on his twitter from his upcoming mixtape "I Want You" which is set for release april 28th (wednesday). It will be interesting to say the least just because nobody really knows what kind of damage this guy is capable of doing. We obviously know he's not an intense spitta by any means but rather on the soul and electronic side with flares of hip-hop. I have made comparisons to Kid Cudi previously, based on his NY hipster style with his electro/hip-hop fusions but I take that back. He is his own man and his latest tracks from "I Want You" will show you that. Not too mention "Humdrum Town" is straight fuego and arguably one of the best tracks of 2010 (with his Starry Eyed remix being up there as well).

heres a couple tracks, there okay but just come to show you his ideas
Theophilus London - I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover)
Theophilus London - Dont Be Afraid