Friday, April 16, 2010

Call me Tiger Woods I'll be back for my Masters

Oh you know you know I got you with that new music
I'm really feeling the new "Pretty Girls" remix feat. Chris Brown and Fabolous. I was actually wondering when the song would be legitimately remixed. Wale has some new witty verses like usual, Chris Brown adds his own twist, and Loso keeps the cool with his last few verses.

Wale - Pretty Girls (Remix) ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous

Also here's a new B.o.B joint called "Airplane" feat. Hayley Williams (from Paramore). I guess its okay, a bit corny and poppy thats too radio friendly for me personally but I respect what Bobby Ray is trying to do with his music. B.o.B can really blend with anything because hes muscically gifted, not just lyrically gifted.

B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes

Heres Big Sean's "Bullshittin", its pretty good. He reeeeally needs to get on that release of his debut album "Finally Famous"

Big Sean - Bullshittin'

Charles Hamilton is back after an underachieving with his last label, where he was dropped from. I really dig these sonic the hedgehog samples, he pulls it off well. I heard hes dropping new tracks in anticipation of the release of his first single of his upcoming album. I like what I'm hearing and have always been a legit Charles Hamilton supporter, Brooklyn Girls was a straight banga. I'll include some of his good stuff.

Charles Hamilton - I Hate Parties
Charles Hamilton - Sega Music
Charles Hamilton & B.o.B - Paperboy

older good songs
Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls
Charles Hamilton - Conversations With God
Charles Hamilton - Starchasers
Charles Hamilton - Emotional Distress
Charles Hamilton - November 10th