Friday, April 2, 2010

Swichin' it, house, electro - ya dig?

Progressive artist Wippenberg (from Germany) gets his song “Pong” mashed with super hit “Speed Up” from electro artist Funkerman. This track has been receiving major air time in all house clubs and will be for a while.
Even if your not into the house/electronic scene give this one a listen, props to Paul for recommendation.
Wippenberg vs. Funkerman - Pong Speed Up (Jose De Mara Bootleg)
download zSHARE - Pong Speed Up _Jose De Mara Bootleg_.mp3

Another nasty house song that you can't pass up. The original was produced by David Guetta and the Dutch DJ Laidback Luke was quick to remix it and play it at all his latest sets. The song is straight fire. This Laidback Luke definitely has it goin for him
Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix)
download zSHARE - Dirty Talk _Laidback Luke Remix_.mp3

still want more? thought so. UK producer Russ Chimes new remix gives us a nice taste of mellow house. About 3:48 in it really picks up with some sick sounds

The Vanish - Hold On (Russ Chimes Remix)
download zSHARE - Hold On _Russ Chimes Remix_.mp3

To tell you the truth I can't really stand Young Money (except for Drake), as I heard my brother say the other day "their hot garbage, you light it on fire and it smells like shit" hahaha
So with that being said, listen to a couple remixes of "Bedrock". Both are good, equally dangerous.
Young Money ft. Lloyd - Bedrock (Cure & Cause Remix)
download zSHARE - Bedrock _Cure _ Cause Remix_.mp3
Young Money ft. Lloyd - Bedrock (Vindata Remix)
download zSHARE - Bedrock _Vindata Remix_.mp3