Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wale showin some love at UMICH - ugly girls be quiet quiet

So god has blessed with me with the best birthday present ever, Wale performing at the Power Center in Ann Arbor. Ah it was the illest show I've ever been to, just as good as Cudi's? I'll have to soak it in. But Wale was hilarious, and he really does have ADD. He was definitely liking the crowd too, he was deep in the crowd for "Pretty Girls" he even made a few comments about how lame Ohio State is and that Terrelle Prior isn't shit either, he also mentioned how Rich Rod needs to get his shit together ha. So I managed to get some broke ass bubble gum videos on the BB storm. You have to check out him performing "Mirrors" where he just catches fire in the end and raps on speed, im talking busta rhymes fast bullshit. He came back on stage for an encore to "Beautiful Bliss" with a U of M t-shirt which was pretty dope. I think the only downer was that he didn't perform "Shades" but other than that and "Let It Loose" (surprisingly) he did every song on Attention Deficit + W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E and Nike Boots

So after a great couple days for the bday celebration I'm giving back to ya'll with music. watch the videos, listen to a couple songs, if you like what you hear don't hesitate to BUY his album since thats what you do for your artists/emcees. If your looking for real hip-hop, original yet very witty lyrics with them R&B cutie mamis tearin' up those hooks then Attention Deficit IS for you

WALE - WORLD TOUR live @ Umich - good quality

Mirrors- probably one of his sickest songs of the night, rappin on overdrive towards the end

download zSHARE - 03 Mirrors _feat. Bun B_.m4a

haha you can probably hear me trying to get Wale to autograph my Air Jordan 8's uh. Ah I was so close
Beautiful Bliss (feat. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole)

download zSHARE - 13 Beautiful Bliss _feat. Melanie Fiona _ J. Cole_.m4a

Pretty Girls (ft. ghetto ass Gucci Mane & Weensey) sorry the video quality sucks i was doin all sorts of broke ass dance moves but you can see him go into the crowd- so sick

download zSHARE - 04 Pretty Girls _feat. Gucci Mane _ Weensey of Backyard Band_.m4a
Pretty Girls Official music video. sam hanson - da da divas!

Wale's kick game is seriousssss of course hes rocking out those Nike dunk SB Lows - Tiffany. so nasty